Wayne Main Street welcomes Mary Powers as Youth Coordinator

Wayne Main Street welcomes Mary Powers as Youth Coordinator

WAYNE, MI – Mary Powers, a Wayne resident and undergraduate student at University of Michigan-Dearborn, has received a grant from the UM Dearborn’s Civic Literacy Program. Powers will be joining Wayne Main Street this summer as Youth Coordinator. The grant will be used to aid Powers’ efforts this summer in her position.

Powers’ goal is to encourage middle and high school students to participate in civic engagement through volunteering for Wayne Main Street. Wayne Main Street is a grassroots organization spearheading the efforts of community partners and volunteers of all ages and backgrounds to create a vibrant downtown.

Powers will coordinate a Youth Community Visioning Session, scheduled to take place on June 10th at Wayne Memorial High School, giving local teenagers a voice in what they would like to see in Downtown Wayne. The goal is to recruit members of a “Junior Main Street” committee that will plan and implement a project of their choosing that focuses on Downtown Revitalization.

“A young person who is engaged and takes pride in their community will grow into an adult who will not only care about their city but who will continue to better it through participation and encouragement of its growth,” says Powers.  “As adults we want our children to be young and have fun and not have to think about what needs improving in their community but we need to realize that once they are fourteen or fifteen years old it is our job to help teach them how to positively contribute to their community and this grant will give us the opportunity to do just that.  I feel excited and honored to be able to bring this great opportunity to the teens of Wayne.”

Wayne Main Street is hoping to increase youth involvement in Wayne to diversify their group of volunteers to better represent the population of the community. Wayne Main Street is completely operated by volunteers.

“This opportunity presented by University of Michigan Dearborn’s Civic Literacy program is priceless,” says Lindsey Wooten, Executive Director of Wayne Main Street. “Having youth involved with Wayne Main Street’s downtown revitalization efforts will have long-term positive effects on the community. The Junior Main Street committee will be a wonderful opportunity for professional development and civic literacy for these teens.  I am excited to see what comes of Mary’s efforts!”

Volunteering with Wayne Main Street is a great way for the youth to make a difference in Wayne. When Powers’ tenure with Wayne Main Street ends, she will leave recommendations and potential youth programs with Wayne Main Street to continue the goal of getting Wayne’s youth involved in improving their community.

For more information contact, Lindsey Wooten at (734) 629-6822 or email director@downtownwayne.org

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