Biking in Wayne

Biking is not only a environmentally friendly transportation method, its also a great source of exercise. The summer is a great time to go biking with family and friends.

Source: Visit Scotland
Source: Visit Scotland

The I-275 bike path is located a about two miles from Wayne, a great path to ride bikes on. The bike is very well-maintained and is being expanded further south. Once it is expanded, the path will have direct access to Lower Huron Metro Park, which then connects to Willow Metro and Oakwood Metro.There is a connector from Oakwoods to Flat Rock city park HUROC park, and from there a bike path to Lake Erie Metro Park.

One issue surrounding the trial is safe parking, Perry Wilson have a suggestion that could lead to more business in Wayne.

“As it stands now, there is not enough places for people to safely park their vehicles and make use of the trail. I believe Wayne could market our close proximity to the trail by having some designated parking in some of the parking lots around town. Also maybe some local business could set aside some parking that would then lead to more business. We could let it be known that Wayne has a safe and secure location to park while you enjoy the trails.”

-Perry Wilson

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