Seven promotion tips for local small businesses

Promotion is important for businesses, especially local small businesses. It’s important that businesses get the word out to the community that they are open for business and what services/products they offer. Often in local downtown’s businesses come and go, leading the community to still believing that your building/store front maybe vacant.

Image Source: ACT-IAC
Image Source: ACT-IAC

Here are some ways that small businesses can promote their business to the community

  1. Place an ad in a local newspaper. Be sure to create a an eye-catching ad so that readers will actually read it and not skim over it.
  2. Build a website. Having a website will allow the community to get to know your business and also will pop up during Google searches.
  3. Distribute flyers. Hand out fliers to the local residences and during local events to attract new customers.
  4. Attend local events and farmer markets. Showing your face to the community allows people to get to know you better and is another way to get your name out there.
  5. Social media. Being a social media is a great asset for all businesses. Majority of people have social media accounts. Social media is a great way to contact with your perspective and current customers. It’s also another way to promote events, sales and other things going on in your business.
  6. Host an event. Host an event at your business. Consider contacting other local businesses to be a part of the event. Events are a great way to get people in the door.
  7. Leave your businesses cards around town. If you see other business cards around at certain places leaves yours there to. You never know when someone could be looking for something that you provide.

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