How Wayne Main Street supports our local downtown businesses

Wayne Main Street is committed to helping our local downtown businesses grow and succeed. We offer a variety of resources and support to the business owners.



Facade Grant, which reimburses building owners up to 50% of the cost of building improvements. Design Services, provides recommendations for design improvements along with a drawing for a visual guide.


Through out the year, Wayne Main Street host a variety of workshops that focuses on different topics that are beneficial for businesses owners. Check out our event calendar to see when the next workshop is happening.

Social Media Shout Outs

Wayne Main Street often shares other local businesses social media posts to our followers, which will increase the number of people who see your message.

Event Promotion

Do you have an event coming up? Use our event submission form in order for your event to get place on the calendar for the community to see.


Wayne Main Street provides support. Whether you need advice about local design ordinances or something else, Wayne Main Street is here to help you.

3 thoughts on “How Wayne Main Street supports our local downtown businesses

  1. This is a wonderful opportunity that I hope the businesses that are left will take advantage off. I applaud the Main Street volunteers and Organizers for everything you are doing to try to make Wayne a vibrant city again. I hope we get some great new businesses for our downtown. I remember when I moved here in 1986 and downtown was still a pretty nice place. It worred me when i started to see steel doors on Leo’s Jewelry and too many emtpy storefronts in our downtown. Our second neighbor right across the street is moving to Plymouth. Our next-door neightbor moved to Plymouth last year. She was on one of the City of Wayne’s master plan committees. She got tired of seeing no change and an opportunity to move came up. I know change is slow but things have to start moving or we will lose our young professional citizens. They want to move to vibrant safe communities with great restaurants and shops. Our downtown has so much potential but it’s not happening fast enough. Citizens are worried. I don’t want to be negative but I hope we can get some vibrant businesses in fast. The mall next to St. Mary’s would make a great upscale Antique Mall (just an idea) So glad Biggby moved in and hope they can thrive. It’s a beginning but change must happen.


  2. The Wayne Main Street Program has grants available to apply for and assistance in improving your storefront image as well as marketing. When in business, presentation is everything. Having and attrative store front with attractive professional signage and awnings make a great impression (when done correctly) to improve your businesses visibility. I hope you will contact the Main Street Program to take advantage of workshops to improve your image, marketability, and visibility.


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