Six Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

6 Social media tips

1) Have open social media accounts. Private accounts can give the illusion that you have something to hide. Plus customers do not want to go through the hassle of sending a friend request just to see your products.

2) Have your contact information in your social media bios. Prospective customer’s need to know to reach or visit you! It shouldn’t be hard to find that information.

3) Only post quality images and content. Social media is great for quick messages but those messages should still be clear and error free.

4) Post quality images. Blurry images are a no-no! If you are selling products, than clear images is a must along with having images from different angles.

5) Be consistent with your posting. Don’t let your social media account die. Post often! You will lose followers if you only post every few months.

6) Interact with customers. Social media is for building relationships. If they ask a question, respond to it in a timely manner

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