The Classic State Wayne Theatre Marquee Goes Green

phoenix theaters logo sit back relax reclineWayne, Michigan

You might notice a new brighter and crisper look at a very familiar sight on Michigan Avenue nowadays.

Phoenix Theatres announced the completion of a project to replace all of 1,152 incandescent marquee lamps with new LED style energy efficient lamps on The Classic State-Wayne Theatre’s marquee. “The old style incandescent lamps were operating at 11 watts per bulb and that totals 12,672 watts of power just to turn on the classic chaser sign, the new 1.4 watt LED lamp reduces the total wattage to 1,613” says Phoenix Theatres Owner Cory Jacobson. “Great care was taken in selecting a new style of LED lamp that was similar in appearance to the original, yet give us greater efficiency and a new crisper look.” “The project was made possible by taking advantage of DTE’s commercial rebate program, which helped reduce the cost of conversion by 28.3 percent and made the project viable for us.”

State-Wayne’s marquee is an iconic gem with its unique wrap around style and fully chasing lamp feature. It is one of the finest remaining examples of a 1940’s style movie theatre marquee in Michigan and throughout the country, and a familiar attraction in Downtown Wayne since 1946.

The Phoenix State-Wayne is also enjoying a great resurgence in its 69th year in business with new reclining seating in every auditorium, and first run films every week. Attendance has swelled over 123 percent as customers discover the new seating, digital picture and new digital sound systems. Summer films such as: “Jurassic World,” “Inside Out,” “Avengers – Age Of Ultron,” and “Minions” broke house records for the 69 year old theatre. The year over year surge in both revenue and attendance is the greatest increase of any theatre in the Detroit metropolitan market. “The theatre has such an amazing legacy within the community,” says Phoenix COO John Scanlan, “Not a day can pass without a customer talking about having fond childhood memories about visiting the theatre.” “The customers have fully embraced our improvements and we are happy to report the famous Puff Dragon is still here.”

2016 will mark the theatre’s 70th year in business and this is one historic theatre that has every reason to have high hopes for the future.

About Phoenix Theatres:

Phoenix Theatres opened its first Detroit-area theatre in 2001 and currently operates an additional 10 screens at Laurel Park Place in Livonia, Michigan, and 8 screens at the Mall of Monroe in Monroe, Michigan. State-Wayne was built in 1946 as an art-deco masterpiece – and after serving millions of mover-goers in Wayne County with an old-fashioned charm. The State-Wayne movie theatre has went through a digital overhaul late in 2012 and was purchased by Phoenix Theatres in 2014.

For more information or to take a “virtual tour” of the Classic State Wayne Theatre visit

Media Contact:

Tom Lang                                                                                             Phoenix Theatres main office:  248-478-7170


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