Wayne Main Street Hosts Building Basics Workshop

April 11, 2016
Wayne Historical Museum, 1 Town Square, Wayne MI

March 14, 2016 – Wayne, MI – The Wayne Main Street Design Committee announces the upcoming application period for the Wayne Main Street Design Services program. An informational workshop for all business and building owners who are located in the Main Street District will be held on Monday, April 11th, 6:00pm at the Wayne Historical Museum. Wayne Main Street’s Executive Director, Lindsey Wooten, will present information about the Design Services program and show the “Building Basics” webinar by the Michigan Main Street Center.

The program is one of the services offered to Wayne Main Street as a Michigan Main Street Select Level community.

Wayne Main Street currently receives design training and individualized consultation services by the State Historic Preservation Office to help maintain and enhance downtown Wayne’s historic integrity. This will be the 3rd year that Wayne Main Street will award up to three services to business and/or property owners in the Wayne Main Street District. Services include a site visit by the Michigan Main Street Design Specialist who also meets with the property owner, schematic drawings detailing the proposed façade improvements, paint samples, example photographs, and additional information needed to complete the work. Each service is valued at $2000-3000 each.

The application deadline for Design Services is May 20, 2016. To be eligible for this service, the property owner/business owner must attend the Building Basics Workshop. The workshop will educate attendees on the Main Street program and it’s Four Point ApproachⓇ to downtown revitalization. This will be the only time this workshop will be presented this year.

Information will also be given on how to apply for design services and what must be included with the application.

Greater Than Dreams Church, Greater Than Dreams Office, and Helium Studio were awarded design services in 2015.

Design Service - Helium Studio
Design Service Deliverables

If you would like further information, visit https://downtownwayne.org/business/design-services/ or contact Wayne Main Street Executive Director, Lindsey Wooten at 734-629-6822. You can also visit during open office hours 12-3pm on Wednesdays and 4-7pm Thursdays at the Wayne Historical Museum.


About Wayne Main Street
Wayne Main Street, a Michigan Main Street program, is a nonprofit 501(C)(3) organization. We are a positive force working with our community, business and property owners to preserve, enhance, and promote our historic downtown as a vibrant destination for residents and visitors to gather, shop, work, and enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Wayne Main Street Hosts Building Basics Workshop

  1. even though it’s nice there is a church on MI Ave, it’s not bringing many people into the town to do business or make purchases. That open area next to the old Bank of America should be a nice chain restaurant of some type like Red Robin, TGIF or something to that effect. “No more Used Car Lots, Auto repair and oil changes” Bring things in that people will want to go to to spend time. There are more eateries in the city so I think it should be a “good” restaurant. There is NO places to shop for clothes so it would be a waste to try to bring in something like that because people will not come for just One store. The only store Wayne has is on the corner, and apparel is not appropriate for most people. I rarely see anyone go in that shop and surprised its doors are still open. A city where people can go to to walk round and do something is what people want , like Plymouth has. This city will never make it until someone makes the change happen. I’m embarrassed to drive any friends down MI ave because it looks like ONE Big Used Car Lot.


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