Facade Grant Incentive Program Expands Boundaries

WAYNE, MI- Wayne Main Street’s Board of Directors recently approved an expansion of the boundaries for businesses that are eligible for the Façade Grant Incentive Program.  The Façade Grant program was developed by the Design Committee to help improve the appearance of buildings in Wayne Main Street’s downtown district.

The Façade Grant is funded by Wayne Main Street and reimburses up to 50 percent of the project’s total cost to the recipient. Interested candidates must submit an application to the design committee for review. Grants are provided on a first-approved, first-funded basis. The funding cycle begins on Jan. 1 of every year.img_6059

The grant program was created to encourage private investment in historic facades by providing financial incentives.  Historically sensitive rehabilitation and dramatic improvement of facades in downtown Wayne will encourage good design that will serve as quality examples to preserve the architectural character that is distinctive to Wayne.  By improving the appearance of the building facades, the Program helps to improve the economic viability of the downtown.

Owners of commercial buildings in the Wayne Main Street district, used for commercial purposes, and conforming to zoning use are eligible to apply for grant funds. The approved expansion of the program provides that after June 30 of the current year, owners of buildings adjacent to the Wayne Main Street district and conforming to zoning use are eligible to apply and be considered for funding if money is still available. These applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis and must adhere to the same guidelines as other applicants.

“This change was made because we had $20,000 budgeted in 2016 to help up to two façade grant applicants with grants of up to $10,000 each.  Unfortunately, none of the businesses in our Wayne Main Street district have applied yet.  We decided we would broaden our area for this particular grant to possibly help a business that was very close to our district make some improvements in their façade,” said Design Chairperson Carolyn Marnon. facade grant before and after

Individuals interested in learning more about the Façade Grant should visit the website, www.downtownwayne.org/business/grant, where the application and more information can be found. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

For more information, contact Wayne Main Street Executive Director Lindsey Dotson at (734) 629-6822 or at director@downtownwayne.org

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