Board of Directors

President Cindee McClure
Vice President Juan Bradford
Treasurer Cindy Schofield
Secretary Carolyn Marnon
Director Bill Copland, Business Empowerment Committee member
Director Pat Rice, Business Empowerment Committee Chair
Director Theodora Brooks, Design Committee Member
Director Mary Powers, Junior Main Street Committee Chair
Director Mathew Mulholland

Executive Director Lindsey Wooten 

Graduate Student Interns: Mary Bindas & Abigail Jaske

The Wayne Main Street Board of Directors Overarching Goals for 2016:

The Board of Directors have reviewed the organization’s current target projects that have been identified and chose three that they felt were most important to the success of the community. The three clear winners were:

  • Improving the perception of the city
  • Addressing commercial vacancies
  • Making downtown a gathering place

The board discussed at length the resources, support for, and capacity to accomplish each goal and decided on addressing vacancies and creating a gathering place downtown as the two most important areas to focus in 2016/2017 program year.

2014/2015 Main Street Budget:


Board Packets:

Board Packet – December 2015

Board Packet – November 2015

Board Packet – October 2015

Board Packet – September 2015

Board Packet – July 2015

Board Packet – June 2015

Board Packet – May 2015

Board Packet – April 2015

Board Packet – March 2015

Board Packet – February 2015

Board Packet – January 2015


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