Community Blog Guidelines & Submissions

 Community blog guidelines

  • Comments posted should be respectful and encourage open discussion.
  • Comments containing profanity, sexist, racist, or derogatory remarks will be promptly removed from the site.
  • Comments containing spam will be promptly removed from the site.
  • Opinions are encouraged but you should be respectful of other’s opinions.
  • Comments should add to the discussion.
  • Please refrain from posting personal information such as address, full name and phone number in comments for safety reasons.
  • The community blog is a safe place for discussion, anyone who creates a harmful environment will be blocked from commenting.
  • Commenters who have multiple comments removed will be subjected to being blocked from commenting.

If you believe that you see a comment that violates the community blog guidelines, please bring it to our attention. 

**Failure to adhere to the community blog guidelines will result in your comment being promptly removed and may lead to your commenting privileges being permanently blocked. 

Please note that these guidelines are subject to change at any time. Last update: July 2015. 

Blog Submissions

Guest submissions are encouraged and welcomed. Blog submissions can include: recipes, crafts/DIY projects, memories made in Downtown Wayne, or a review of your favorite business. Please submit all guest blog entries to

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