Our Supporters


Be Together.
Together we can enhance appearances, strengthen
the downtown economy, and pave the way to an exciting
future for downtown Wayne.

2015 Supporters:

Ford Motor Company
Jay & Brenda Armstrong
Barbara Bilobran
Theodora Brooks
Claudia Buckalew
Keith Butkovich
Bill & Sharon Copland
Thomas & Mary Anne Daily
Tried & True Thrift Store
Community Living Services
Anonymous Wayne Resident
Community Housing Network
Bruce & Judy Foulk
Deirdre Fortino
Sherri Foster
American Jetway
Trish Hampton
Anonymous Wayne Resident
Patt Hartford
Gerald Higgs
Kurt’s Caps
Wayne Family Dental
Milt & Laura Mack
Philip & Alicia Marnon
Wayne Industries
Cynthia McClure
Patrick McClure
Leslie Nicholas
Mark Paladino
Uht’s Funeral Home
Pat Rice
Christopher Richards
Susan Rowe
Daryl Royal
Cindy Schofield
Phyllis Stein
Professional Insurance
Norm Stockmeyer
Michael Stokes
Wayne McDonald’s
John & Lois VanStipdonk
Karena Voldman
Michael Warmuskerken
Kim White-Jenkins
Antoinette Wirth
Wayne Rotary Foundation
Wayne Westland Federal Credit Union
City of Wayne Downtown Development Authority
Lindsey Wooten
Jack’s Sports Center
Sherrie Brindley
Appliance Avenue
Chateau Chantal
Puffer Reds
GI Surplus
Wayne Dairy Queen
Cal Signs
Detroit Red Wings
Imperial Press
County Commissioner Al Haidous
Belle Tire
Powers Woodcrafts
Lynn Boertje
West End Yoga
Helium Studio
Phoenix Theaters
The Wayne Dispatch
Wayne Bowl
University of Dearborn Civic Literacy Program

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